Fleet Feet Sports of Sacramento is proud to continue the tradition of having the El Dorado County Search and Rescue as the beneficiary of Run on The Sly. SAR is responsible for race medical, directing parking at Fresh Pond, and all radio communication throughout the dense forested area of the race. Run On The Sly also receives assistance from the SAR Mounted Team. On race day please thank the SAR members for their invaluable service to the race. You can easily spot them by their official bright orange shirts. Funds raised through Run on The Sly will assist SAR in sending team members to specialized training and purchasing much needed equipment.

Overview of SAR
Established in 1984, the El Dorado County Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer arm of the Sheriff’s Office, with more than 150 members covering the west slope of the Sierra Nevada’s and the Lake Tahoe Basin in California. Six SAR units comprise nine recognized SAR specialties:

The Ground Team is the largest SAR specialty team. Ground searchers are specialists in searching an area by walking through it. They are trained observers, alert for any clues that the lost person may have left behind.

The Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Team is composed of SAR members with four wheel drive vehicles. The OHV unit is well suited for assignments that include:

- Rapid searches over roads and trails for subjects and prominent clues
- Evacuation of subjects
- Transportation of people and dogs to and from their assignments

The Search Management Team plans, manages and supports searches with logistics, communications and the command post. They define the search area and are responsible for deploying and supervising the resources.

The Canine Team is dedicated to providing emergency responders and qualified dog and handler teams to assist in the search for missing persons.

El Dorado County’s rivers have worldwide appeal among rafters, kayakers and other recreational water users. The Swiftwater Team conducts search and rescue operations on local rivers and waterways.

High Angle (Cliff) Team  The focus of the team is the extraction of subjects that are unreachable with non-technical resources, and is trained to perform technical rope rescue operations in wilderness environments, or structures such as bridges and towers.  The team performs extrications in the vertical, steep and low angle realms.  The Cliff Team also supports the Swift Water Team for insertion and/or extractions of their rescuers into areas with difficult accessibility. 

The environment in which the Cliff Team performs requires advanced-level technical expertise and considerable practice.  Team members participate in ongoing classroom and field training in:

- physics of building anchors and mechanical advantage systems
- elements required to construct and operate safe and efficient raising/lowering systems
- clean rigging techniques
- scene safety, size-up and management
 - scenario-based rope-rescue evolutions
- rescuer and subject safety
 - system safety evaluation
 - trouble shooting and problem solving
- techniques to secure a subject in the vertical realm

The EDSAR Nordic Team members are trained and equipped for high elevation missions in all winter conditions.

Tahoe SAR is the focused SAR team serving the South Lake Tahoe area as far west as Lover’s Leap.

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