12k Details

Historically the shortest distance featured at Run On The Sly was an 8 mile out and back.  In 2011 we made a change to make this a loop rather than an out and back for the safety of the runners.

The new distance is 12K (7.4 miles). It may be short but it’s long on character. The race start is in the same location. Runners feel the burn as they head up the hilly gravel path on Old Carson Rd. and make a left over the wooden bridge. From here we are on private property along the canal that is shaded by redwoods.

Runners experience the burn as they make a final ascent to the Overlook aid station from the canal road. Here they make a hard right onto Park Creek Rd. and get a bit of a relief from the hills. Park Creek Rd. is a fire road flanked by dogwood trees.

We wanted to keep it interesting so we’ve added Christine’s Cut Off which is a right turn off of Park Creek Rd. Christine’s Cut Off is a gorgeous switchback that takes you back to the canal system and returns you to the finish line.

12K Course Topo Map & Elevation Profile

Aid Station Details

From To Distance Cumulative Distance 
Start Overlook 3.82 3.82
Overlook Finish 3.53 7.35

 Each aid station will be stocked with:

  • Hammer Gels: Huckleberry, Apple-Cinnamon, Raspberry and Espresso
  • Hammer Endurolytes – Electrolyte Capsules
  • Nuun Energy Drink
  • Water, Coke,  7-Up
  • PB&J Sandwiches, Payday Bars, Cookies, Jelly Beans, Rice Krispy Treats, Hard Candy, Licorice
  • Potato Chips, Cheeze-It’s, Pretzels, Boiled Potatoes
  • Cold slices of watermelon
  • We highly recommend you carry one water bottle