20-mile Details

The Run on the Sly 20-mile offers all the beauty and challenge of the 50K without the extra 11 miles.  20-mile runners will enjoy lake side running and tree covered single track.

Elevation gain for the 20-mile course is approximately 3,375 feet.

20-mile Course Topo Map
Elevation Profile


 From  To  Distance  Cumulative Distance 
Start Overlook 3.82 3.82
Overlook Tank Stop 3.26 7.08
Tank Stop Mormon Emigrant 4.14 11.22
Mormon Emigrant Tank Stop 4.81 16.03
Tank Stop Finish 4.42 20.45

 Each aid station will be stocked with:

  • Hammer Gels: Huckleberry, Apple-Cinnamon, Raspberry and Espresso
  • Hammer Endurolytes – Electrolyte Capsules
  • Nuun Energy Drink
  • Water, Coke,  7-Up
  • PB&J Sandwiches, Payday Bars, Cookies, Jelly Beans, Rice Krispy Treats, Hard Candy, Licorice
  • Potato Chips, Cheeze-It’s, Pretzels, Boiled Potatoes
  • Cold slices of watermelon
  • We highly recommend you carry one water bottle